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#56 As a quality manager you are helping to support the system as good as possible – Florian Frankl

Florian Frankl is Head of Quality for a dairy powder company named MILEI. In parallel, he is building up his own quality management consulting and training business under the brand “Q-Enthusiast”. He started his career in quality in 2007 and is since then passionate about helping individual quality managers to make the best out of their professional life.
As every consumer is expecting the highest quality at affordable prices, you can see the field of tension in which quality managers are acting.
This makes this sector even more exciting.


•  What is quality management?
•  Prioritizing requirements as a quality manager
•  Should quality management have some flexibility
•  Quality manager versus improvement manager
•  Tools that quality managers use in their day to day job
•  Working with different departments as a quality manager
•  Keeping control over processes
•  Digitalization in quality management
•  The future of quality management
•  The different frameworks in quality management
•  Agile in quality management
•  Wrapping up questions

Key Discussion Points:

[00:08] Getting to know our guest

[00:47] What does a quality manager do?

[00:58] What is quality?

[2:00] How Florian makes sure requirements are met

[03:50] Prioritizing requirements as a quality manager

[06:32] Flexibility of quality requirements system

[08:30] Quality manager versus improvement manager

[11:17] What tools do quality managers use in their day-to-day life?

[15:14] The challenges that Florian has had with bringing departments together and how he solved them

[21:07] How relevant can quality management be outside production?

[22:04] How does Florian keep control over the processes?

[24:45] How Florian brings different departments to the processes

[26:06] How does Florian bring digitalization to the process?

[32:45]The future of quality management

[34:40] How is control done?

[37:30] The different frameworks

[41:21] Agile in quality management

[47:13] Advice to a young person who would like to become a quality manager

[50:23] Work-life balance, according to Florian

[51:30] Florian’s favorite books

[53:35] Florian’s advice to his younger self

Interesting Quotes:

“The basis for a sustainable and successful company is that the customers are happy and the customers are buying again, and are buying more expensive products.”

“Working on customer satisfaction is the highest priority if you start with quality management.”

“We should not need to focus on the word requirements from other people; we should try to help to solve the issues that our colleagues in other departments have.”

“The law is always above quality, and also, personal health and safety are for me above quality.”

“It’s impossible to know everything.”

“Agile doesn’t mean that you change the products every day. It means like there is a certain fixture like the most important thing which was in quality management, the core process which generates value.”

“Try to find out as early as possible what you like to do in the future. Do not only listen to your parents telling you just choose your education based on the highest income you can achieve in your first job. Focus on what you’d like to do.”

“As a quality manager, you are only helping to support the system as good as possible with the tools that you have.”

Book Recommendations:

9 Levels of Value Systems- Rainer Krumm
Never Eat Alone- Keith Ferrazzi
The One Million-Dollar, One-Person Business

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