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#12 How to create your own role in a IT company (without an IT background) – Sabela Garcia

Sabela Garcia is a creative mind passionate about innovation and the startup world. In Hamburg, she works with media tech startups at next media accelerator, helping them connect and grow in Germany.
Back in 2015 she co-organized the first Startup Weekend Woman in Hamburg. In 2017 hosted with NMA ten media related Hackathons in Germany together with media houses. In 2015 she founded the first English magazine in Hamburg: Gute Leute Magazine.


  • The speaker is Sabela Garcia, who has worked in various startups and roles in the IT industry. [00:00]
  • Sabela started her career with a background in translation but found her passion for startups during an internship in China. [00:40]
  • She fell in love with the startup world and decided to pursue a career in it. [01:53]
  • Sabela worked in a startup in China that focused on selling carbon credits through influencer marketing. [04:12]
  • After her time in China, she moved to Hamburg, Germany, and worked in a startup that developed a mobile app for discounts. [06:37]
  • She later founded her own magazine to showcase the international and creative aspects of Hamburg. [13:45]
  • Sabela learned the importance of networking and being curious to discover new opportunities. [17:07]
  • She joined the organization of a women-only startup hackathon and found her way into Next Media Accelerator. [17:42]
  • Sabela emphasized the importance of knowing what customers want and not being too attached to one’s product. [19:35]
  • Sabela recommends books on public speaking, such as “How to Host a TED Talk,” to enhance communication skills. [20:17]
  • She finds relaxation and therapy in painting and drawing. [22:12]
  • Sabela has no regrets about her career choices and believes in taking bold decisions and being open to learning. [23:22]
  • Sabela acknowledges the importance of being adaptable and open-minded when navigating the fast-paced world of startups and technology. [24:29]

Interesting Quotes:

„Be curious- it can bring you to places”

„Trust your employees that they do a good job”

„Try everything before you give up”

„Networking can lead to the right place”

„Dont be in love with your product”

Book Recommendations:

TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking – Chris Anderson
The Road to Somewhere: The Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics – David Goodhart