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#01 How to build a great company culture – Alan Duric

Alan Duric CEO from Wire also co-founded Camino, as well as Telio.

Alan Duric is an experienced technology expert and entrepreneur who has been active in the real-time communications industry for more than 15 years.

As a pioneer of VoIP technology, he paved the way for the introduction of Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC). The open source standard includes a number of communication protocols and programming interfaces, which are now found in a variety of applications. In addition to the establishment of Telio Holding ASA and Sonorit, he has created a secure communications tool for business and personal use that protects digital privacy while preserving European privacy guidelines with the end-to-end encrypted Messenger Wire. Today, he is CEO of the company, leading an ambitious, international team with more than 50 employees in Berlin. In addition, he serves as a consultant for a number of technology startups, leveraging his many years of experience in open source, VoIP, IT security, and software architecture.


  • Alan Duric, the CEO of Wire, shares insights on building a great company culture and the mission of his company, which centers around protecting digital privacy through encryption technologies.
  • Wire’s mission revolves around safeguarding digital privacy, integrity, and security for consumers, individuals, and businesses. Their approach involves user-friendly encryption technologies, making it accessible to the mass market.
  • Wire’s vision extends beyond the consumer and business markets. They plan to launch offerings for small and medium businesses and enterprises. Additionally, they see potential in expanding to other verticals like the automotive industry, driverless cars, Internet of Things, digital health, and more.
  • Duric highlights the challenge of educating the mainstream about the significance of privacy. He draws parallels with the slow realization of smoking’s adverse health effects and expects the rise of GDPR and data lawsuits to increase public awareness about privacy issues.
  • Building a strong company culture at Wire involves open communication and a culture of feedback. They aim to align employees and business partners with their goals, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork.
  • Duric reflects on the importance of learning from past mistakes, citing instances from Wire’s journey, such as the need for thorough product research and understanding users’ needs before launch.
  • A typical day for Duric includes morning meditation, prioritizing tasks, one-on-one meetings, creative work, and engaging with the community. He emphasizes maintaining a healthy work-life balance through outdoor activities like hiking and powerboating.
  • As part of nurturing a diverse culture, Wire embraces employees from various backgrounds and encourages innovation, recognizing its crucial role in the company’s success.
  • Wire has a unique practice of new employees having coffee sessions with the CEO, promoting open communication and feedback delivery.

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