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#02 Don’t forget the fun – put it in your calendar! – Robin Wilfert

Board Member of ABCD  Agency here he helps companies of all sizes scale their digital position via the use of viral PR. Robin have been the Marketing & PR Manager at GoEuro.

During this time he was a key member in planning the company’s vision, mission, branding and marketing strategies.


  • Robin Wilfert is the founder of ABCD agency, a PR and marketing agency focused on medical startups. He has a background in marketing and PR, gained valuable experience during his time at Go Euro, and was one of the first employees at the company.
  • During the podcast, Robin shared his journey, starting with how he got involved with Go Euro. He mentioned that he met the founder, Marian, when the company was in its early stages, and after quitting his job at a PR agency, he joined Go Euro to work on PR and marketing.
  • In the early days of Go Euro, the team was small, comprising Robin, the CTO, Benjamin, and some others. However, after securing a significant investment, they rapidly expanded the team, bringing in experts in SEO, SEM, and other areas.
  • Go Euro was a comprehensive travel website that offered various transportation options, including flights, trains, and cars, to help users find the best ways to travel within Europe.
  • When asked about hiring the first two IT guys for the team, Robin mentioned that, in the beginning, it was a matter of luck, finding individuals who fit the company’s culture and atmosphere. As they grew, they became more focused on hiring skilled and experienced professionals to push the company forward.
  • Robin emphasized the importance of company culture and finding the right people who mesh well with it. He explained that as Go Euro became more successful and corporate, some individuals enjoyed the structured and organized workflow, while others preferred the early-stage startup environment.
  • After Go Euro, Robin founded ABCD agency, which started as a startup-oriented agency. As they worked with larger corporate clients, they needed to adopt more professional processes and organization while retaining the startup spirit and innovative approach.
  • In terms of hiring at ABCD agency, Robin emphasized the significance of personal meetings and understanding the person’s fit within the company culture, especially in a smaller startup with about 20 employees.
  • Robin shared that he thrives on having a vision but maintains flexibility in his day-to-day routine. He is agile in pursuing opportunities, even if they deviate from the initial plan, and prefers discussing ideas with his team before executing them.
  • One valuable lesson Robin learned was the challenge of establishing partnerships and joint ventures for startups, as larger partners may not take them seriously until they reach a certain size and credibility.
  • Robin also talked about the importance of creative problem-solving. He prefers finding unique solutions rather than solely copying what others are doing, using the analogy of building an electric car with innovative features rather than merely replicating existing models.
  • Throughout the podcast, Robin emphasized the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship, where trial and error, learning from mistakes, and adapting to changing circumstances are essential for success.
  • He believes that everyone’s journey is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all advice for entrepreneurs. Each person must find their path, challenge themselves, and seek support from a team that shares their vision and values.
Interesting Quotes:

„Just be lucky on the beginning, get skilled people sometimes they fit your culture some times you need to replace them.”

„Its normal that its stressful and chaotic on the beginning.”

„To grow, just try to hire even more skilled people.”

„You need to listen to yourself and your feelings.”

„Don’t forget the fun – put it in your calendar.”

„Idea and Network are nice, but at the end it’s the hard work which is important.”

„To motivate people I just try to put ideas in their brains.”

#Dont Forget the Fun – put it in your calendar, #put ideas in People Brains, #Just be lucky on the beginning, #you need to listen to yourself and your feelings

more about ABCD Agency:

The ABCD Agency in Berlin is a content marketing and public relations agency. They offer a wide range of services tailored to enhancing brand presence and engaging audiences. Their service offerings include:

1. Digital PR: Crafting digital public relations strategies to enhance online presence and reputation.
2. Content Marketing: Developing and implementing content strategies to attract and retain a targeted audience.
3. Content Seeding: Distributing content across various channels to maximize reach and engagement.
4. Newsjacking: Utilizing trending news to create relevant content for brands.
5. Copywriting: Producing compelling written content for different mediums.
6. Launch PR: Specializing in PR strategies for launching new products or services.
7. SEO Strategy: Implementing search engine optimization techniques to improve online visibility.
8. Content Strategy: Planning and managing content creation and distribution.
9. Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with influencers to promote brands and products.
10. Native Advertising: Integrating ads seamlessly into media platforms.
11. Lead Generation: Strategies to attract and convert prospects into customers.
12. Performance PR: Focused on achieving specific business outcomes through PR activities.
13. Social Media: Managing and leveraging social media platforms for brand promotion.

ABCD Agency’s client base includes both startups and established corporates, indicating their flexibility and expertise in handling diverse marketing and PR needs. They have been involved in over 20 campaigns, showcasing their ability to generate creative ideas and produce great results.

For more detailed information about their services and past projects, you can visit their official website:


– (00:00) Florian introduces Robin Wilfert, an expert in marketing and PR. Robin has a rich background, including being one of the first employees at GoEuro and later founding the ABCD agency.

GoEuro and ABCD Agency Experience
– (00:56) Robin discusses his journey from joining GoEuro to building ABCD agency, now evolving into a company builder for medical startups.
– (01:43) He shares how he met GoEuro’s founder and joined the team, transitioning from a PR agency to a startup environment.
– (02:32) Robin describes the early team composition at GoEuro and how it expanded after receiving significant investments.

GoEuro’s Business Model and Team Expansion
– (03:13) He explains GoEuro’s travel website model, offering various transportation options across Europe.
– (03:56) Discusses the initial team dynamics, emphasizing the importance of cultural fit and luck in hiring the right people.

Working Culture at GoEuro
– (04:43) Robin describes the working environment at GoEuro, highlighting its challenging yet rewarding nature.

Early Days at GoEuro
– (05:27) He reminisces about the humble beginnings with a small team and simple setup.

Growth and Changes at GoEuro
– (06:11) Robin talks about the shift in hiring strategy as GoEuro grew, focusing on bringing in more experienced professionals.
– (06:59) He notes how the company culture evolved, becoming more corporate with structured organization.

Current Projects and Agency Culture
– (07:43) Robin shares insights into his current work at ABCD agency, balancing startup agility with structured growth.

Operational Strategies at ABCD
– (08:27) Discusses operational changes at ABCD, emphasizing process optimization and hiring the right people for growth.
– (09:08) He compares ABCD’s operational model to larger organizations, highlighting the use of regular meetings and digital tools.

Balancing Startup Agility with Corporate Structure
– (10:31) Robin explains the transition from a flexible startup environment to a more structured corporate process.

Hiring and Team Building
– (11:15) He emphasizes the importance of aligning new hires with company culture and the challenges of scaling a team.

Onboarding and Interview Process
– (12:32) Details the hiring process at ABCD, focusing on skill assessment and cultural fit.

Maintaining Company Culture During Growth
– (13:20) Discusses the challenges of preserving company culture while scaling up the team.

Team Integration and Avoiding Hiring Mistakes
– (14:07) Robin advises on listening to intuition during the hiring process to avoid potential mismatches.

Day-to-Day Operations and Prioritization
– (15:28) He shares his approach to daily operations and decision-making, including involving his team in the process.

Balancing Multiple Projects and Goals
– (16:10) Talks about the importance of team input in project direction and execution.

Fostering Team Spirit and Engagement
– (17:31) Robin highlights the need for intentional team-building activities and supporting team morale.

Personal Work Habits and Organization
– (18:48) He describes his personal work habits, including prioritizing tasks and using visual tools for planning.

Vision and Flexibility in Business
– (19:27) Robin discusses his vision for ABCD and the importance of being adaptable in achieving business goals.

Inspirations and Learning from Experiences
– (20:08) Shares his sources of inspiration and the value of learning from personal experiences and industry examples.

Approach to Networking and Business Development
– (21:32) He talks about his proactive approach to networking and building business relationships.

Personal Growth and Professional Development
– (22:22) Robin reflects on how his experiences at GoEuro and other ventures shaped his professional development.

Defining Priorities and Project Management
– (23:13) Discusses his method for identifying priorities and managing projects effectively.

Advice to Younger Self and Learning from Experience
– (23:58) Shares advice he would give to his younger self, emphasizing the importance of experience over shortcuts.

Handling Challenges and Scaling Ventures
– (25:19) Robin talks about addressing challenges in scaling ventures and the importance of team support.

Mistakes and Lessons Learned in Professional Journey
– (26:06) He reflects on mistakes and lessons learned throughout his career, particularly in team building and project management.

Hiring Strategy and Team Dynamics
– (26:44) Discusses his approach to hiring and ensuring team compatibility.

Closing Remarks
– (27:31) Florian thanks Robin for the insightful conversation and wraps up the podcast.