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#62 The risk is not that someone steals your idea, The risk is that you have a wrong view on the things that you are doing – Alexander Rohr

Alexander Rohr, Co-founder and Head of Marketing & Sales at the start-up LILIAN LABS. He is a physicist and a Ph.D. engineer. Alexander founded his first company in the area of web design during the dotcom bubble. LILIAN LABS invented a unique measurement device. In this episode, Alexander will share his career journey, the process of setting up a start-up company, finding investors, among other exciting topics.


• The process of running  and growing a start-up
• How to develop a product
• How to find investors for your company
• Finding the right people to hire
• How to balance work and life

Key Discussion Points:

[00:47] How Alexander started his career

[07:44] How Alexander accomplished his tests

[10:29] Alexander’s web design business

[14:18] What Alexander did after his Physics study

[20:56] Alexander’s next move after his PhD

[27:51] How Alexander and the team found an investor and a co-investor

[30:35]How Alexander gets in touch with investors

[36:50] Alexander’s measurement device

[44:13] How Alexander found pivot for the measurement device

[51:36] How Alexander and the team separated roles

[53:08] The development process of measurement devices

[56:31] How Alexander and the company found the second investor

[01:00:59] Developing a product with the customer

[01:03:15] What kept Alexander and the team going when people were discouraging them?

[01:07:21] What was the common ground with the people that Alexander hired

[01:14:07] The status of Alexander’s company and the next steps

[01:19:37] Would Alexander recommend for people to study Physics before starting a company, especially in Germany?

[01:20:52] Alexander’s thoughts on work-life balance as a start-up founder

[01:26:54] Alexander’s favourite books

[01:28:12] Alexander’s message to his 18-year-old self

[01:30:09] Alexander’s message to his thirty years old self

Interesting Quotes:

“When you’re not just hanging out at your company, but you are doing work, it’s very exhausting.”

“There are a lot of persons who don’t know anything. It’s very important to have something to show.”

“The first customer is harder than the second and so on.”

“It’s really funny that everyone in this company is connected with someone else in this company in a certain way.”

“As a start-up, we have we can’t pay so much money as the company for example. But the people like to work here because everyone gets as a feeling of importance.”

“It’s normal that your product gets developed with the customer, especially if you’re new.”

“A start-up is like in lifetime project. It’s like having a baby.”

“The risk is not that someone steals your idea. The risk is that you have a wrong view on the things that you are doing.”

“‘It is difficult to foresee the future. You need to have patience.”

Book Recommendations:

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