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#14 How to get better outcomes with data, Insights from a Data Analyst – Jan Kyri

Jan is a  data analysis freelancer combining a business background and a solid tech understanding. Having worked at two major Berlin startups he has gained insights in all departments of online-offline hybrid business models. He is passionate about  helping companies become data-driven and create actionable insights through a proper data structure, process automation and a strong focus on enabling validated leanings. In workshops, he helps people to create a data driven culture and shares mental models to work with data.

 co-founded Business Intelligence Berlin, a personal network of Business Intelligence professionals and is a member of Data Science for Social Good Berlin.


Interesting Quotes:

Data in a Business Context 3 Main Advantage
1. Fast Decision making
2. Process Automation
3. Predictive Analytics (needs clean Data)

Being Data Driven is not a question of size

Understand how your business works

In Small business Data should drive Product Development with qualitative Data (Talk to people directly)

Data is the new oil … Data is crude oil it need to be refined

Store your Data even when you can’t use them

Data quality is not everything, Whit out Data quality everything is much less valuable

  • Key Performance Indicator(KPI):
    – Think about good KPIs for – Finance operations, marketing
  • – For C- Level Management and Cross function Positions it works as overview
    – KPIs make your business transparent
    – Startingpoint for every KPI is to know your Businessmodel – keep the context in mind
    – Quotas of Source – percentages. Are better than plain numbers
    – see it as help for making tests and learn from it

Make decisions fast, just learn from mistakes

Process Automation is a grow driver
Database context scalability is a function of performance under changing environment

Keep your Data in a good structure, don’t wait to fix the problem



Book Recommendations:


Winning with Data: Transform Your Culture, Empower Your People, and Shape the Future – Tomasz Tunguz
Lean Analytics: Use Data to Build a Better Startup Faster – Alistair Croll
The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction – Nate Silver

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