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#15 Tipps&Tricks to carry out a successful PR campaign – Olivia Czetwertynski


Olivia Czetwertynski is the co-founder of Becomewide and StartupPressRoom, international PR consultancies specializing in global PR and growth strategy for startups. As an early member of the European coworking and entrepreneurship movement, Olivia previously worked as Communications Director for Spain’s largest coworking space, utopic_US, and Partnership Manager for Coworking Europe. Prior to this she worked for world-leading advertising agencies MRM Worldwide and TBWA.


00.00-10.45 PR-communication processes
10.45-12.30 entrepreneur journey experience
12.30-15.50 how is it to be a woman entrepreneur in a men’s world
15.50-18.30 biggest challenge
18.30-21.25 book recommendation


Key Takeaways:

PR Key Problems:
1. No clear Goal > You need S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-related)
2. Campaign mismanagement -> no clear idea of how to run a campaign, steps to follow
3. Lack of alternatives -> Doing PR is sometimes not the right action to achieve your business goals. Evaluate other alternatives (adwords, Facebook-Twitter ads, email marketing,..), does it help me to achieve my business goal?

Be aware PR needs 3 Months of preparation

Prepare your pressroom on your website for journalists, a place where they can find all they need to publish your story, without having to contact you

Prepare your startup for PR, you will generate traffic to your website, are you ready to convert it into leads/clients?

Get to know first journalists, read them, follow them on social media

The email subject title is 90% of the success of your campaign, craft your message for the specific journalist

The more visual the email message, the most possibility to get positive answer

Learning by doing lower the risk of failure: Before committing budget to a PR agency or freelance, do it yourself to understand the media industry

If you work for it life will give it to you


Book Recommendations:


The Case for Creativity: Three Decades Evidence of the Link Between Imaginative Marketing and Commercial Success – James Hurman