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#23 Fighting climate change with data – Lubomila Jordanova

Lubomila Jordanova is the founder and CEO of Plan A, the first data-driven crowdfunding platform in the fight against climate change. Prior to Plan A she worked in the investment banking, venture capital and fintech in Asia and Europe. She holds a Master in Management degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


  • Lubomila Jordanova is the founder of Plan A, a fundraising platform fighting climate change.
  • Plan A organizes monthly campaigns to fundraise for environmental organizations tackling climate change issues. (Time stamp: 00:38)
  • Lubomila’s decision to start Plan A was motivated by witnessing the environmental impact of waste during a surfing trip in Morocco. (Time stamp: 02:10)
  • She moved from London to Berlin after working in finance and decided to start Plan A after a transformative trip to Morocco. (Time stamp: 02:46)
  • She chose to register the company in Berlin due to advice from lawyers and her existing connections there. (Time stamp: 03:23)
  • Plan A’s early funding came from an angel investor who shared Lubomila’s passion for fighting climate change. (Time stamp: 04:47)
  • The company has grown to a team of ten people since its inception. (Time stamp: 06:51)
  • Plan A’s approach to fundraising involves engaging businesses and individuals with a positive and engaging message about nature. (Time stamp: 08:17)
  • Plan A engages businesses and individuals in the fight against climate change through storytelling and positive engagement. (Time stamp: 08:55)
  • They prioritize issues using country heat maps and plan to use algorithms to influence government decisions. (Time stamp: 10:11)
  • The upcoming campaign focuses on supporting German beekeepers and reintroducing wild honeybees with the help of a partner organization. (Time stamp: 10:50)
  • Another campaign will address the issue of plastic pollution in the Indian Ocean. (Time stamp: 11:27)
  • Lubomila’s dedication to understanding climate change issues led her to have regular meetings with people outside her field to gain insights and knowledge. (Time stamp: 12:44)
  • Plan A’s future goal is to have a positive impact on climate change by encouraging small actions today. (Time stamp: 14:56)
  • Lubomila recommends the book “How Soon Is Now” by Daniel Pinchbeck for a different perspective on the world. (Time stamp: 16:53)
  • Lubomila’s personal life balance includes practicing yoga and spending time in nature to stay centered and focused. (Time stamp: 18:13)
  • To stay balanced, Lubomila practices yoga and spends time in nature. (Time stamp: 18:52)
  • She advises her 20-year-old self to be calm, stay positive, and embrace the journey of life. (Time stamp: 20:13)

Interesting Quotes:

Find an Angel which has a passion for your topic

Stay on the positive side of a problem

Book Recommendations:

How soon is now: Wie lange wollen wir noch warten? Ein Manifest gegen die Apokalypse – Daniel Pinchbeck