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#08 Insights from an experienced Product manager – Mike Silley

Mike is a Product Manager at GetYourGuide. His unique product development style focuses on maximizing impact within teams through the effective use of data and communication.

With his experience as a lateral thinker with a customer obsession, Mike’s passion at GetYourGuide is directed at building automated systems.
With that customers can turn their holiday trips into amazing experiences.


  • The main focus of GetYourGuide is building and automating marketing systems for tours and attractions worldwide. [00:36]
  • Mike emphasizes the importance of tailoring the agile methodology to the team’s specific needs and not following it blindly. [01:51]
  • Agile methodology helps streamline work, optimize team productivity, and enables quicker direction changes when done properly. [02:23]
  • The size of the product team should be small, encouraging creativity and idea contribution from all team members. [02:59]
  • The product manager’s main job is to ensure smooth team operations, efficient delivery of products, and meeting acceptance criteria. [03:37]
  • Effective product managers need to have a good understanding of various aspects but don’t necessarily need to be experts in every domain. [08:54]
  • Maintaining a balance between planning and development is crucial to minimize context switches and optimize productivity. [09:24]
  • Communication, trust, motivation, and positive team dynamics are key values for a successful agile team. [17:03]
  • Challenging ideas and providing constructive feedback within the team fosters continuous improvement and innovation. [19:15]
  • Product managers align team ideas and priorities but encourage input and feedback from team members in the planning process. [27:00]
  • Metrics-driven planning, validation of assumptions, and breaking down projects into smaller tasks are essential for successful execution. [28:52]

Interesting Quotes:

„Taylor Agile to your team – result: work gets streamlined”

„to motivate your Team:”

„let all relate to the mission”
„set together ambition goals”

„Product manager is the butter of the team – let it go smoothly”

„Coding is just 20% of the potential of developers”

Book Recommendations:

Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love – Marty Cagan

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