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#20 Being creative is a state of mind that cannot be forced – Arnd Pickhardt

Arnd Pickhardt former UK Marketer of the Year as well as Visionary Marketer of the Year. Arnd served serveral years as CMO for Lidl UK and for Lidl Germany, he was in charge of Germany’s biggest single Brand Marketing Account. Part of his track-Record are Award winning Virals and numerous Marketing and Brand Awards.


  • Arnd emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience and effectively communicating with them. He discusses three ways to do so: relying on a strong product with high demand, using smart advertising that resonates with the audience, and investing in widespread marketing. (10:47 – 12:50)
  • The interviewee shares examples of smart marketing, such as capitalizing on trending topics and creating timely, humorous content. He highlights that creativity is a state of mind and cannot be forced. (12:50 – 17:23)
  • To enable creativity in the workplace, the interviewee suggests creating a positive office environment, being authentic, and giving creative individuals the necessary information and freedom to explore different directions. (17:23 – 26:30)
  • As a manager, the interviewee believes in providing guidance and freedom to motivate and trust the team. He advises being authentic, reliable, and loyal to build strong relationships with employees. (26:30 – 34:29)
  • The interviewee shares an example of a successful marketing campaign that was initially considered a risky idea but eventually brought positive results. He highlights the importance of being bold and demanding freedom in the workplace. (34:29 – 40:20)
  • When it comes to education, the interviewee emphasizes the value of listening to different opinions, staying open-minded, and being aware of what is relevant in the world. He recommends the book “The Little Machiavelli” as an insightful read on political-driven management. (40:20 – 44:37)
  • In hindsight, the interviewee would advise his younger self to follow his passion, believe in himself, and focus on doing what he loves. (44:37)

Interesting Quotes:

Marketing has besides the CEO the strongest angle how people feel about the business

Be as brand authentic and be able to laugh about yourself

Keep moving, keep changing, keep innovating, keep transforming

Being creative:
– Its a state of mind – cannot be forced
– Give all information
– Enable Freedom of mind

If you don’t have the freedom – push for it

Book Recommendations:

Der kleine Machiavelli: Handbuch der Macht für den alltäglichen Gebrauch – Hans Rudolf Bachmann, Peter Noll