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#17 How women improve a company culture – Carolin Gabor

Dr. Carolin Gabor is managing director at FinLeap. She steers the strategic development and further growth of existing FinLeap Ventures.

Prior to FinLeap, Carolin was CEO of and which were successfully exited. Carolin has ten years’ experience as a strategic consultant at BCG, especially in Financial Services, and is engaged in advocating female leadership in finance with the Fintech Ladies Europe initiative, strongly supported by FinLeap.


  • Female leadership is vital in fostering a family atmosphere and driving empathy and collaboration in the workplace. Role models play a crucial role in attracting more strong women to leadership positions. (9:39-11:31)
  • The initiative “FinTech Ladies” aims to support and promote women in top-level positions within banks, insurance, and fintech companies. The goal is to create a network of female experts to foster diversity in industry discussions and events. (12:07-13:32)
  • Finley hosts a female hackathon focused on women and finance, aiming to find a business model that encourages women to manage their finances better. (13:32-15:16)
  • Hiring for entrepreneurial attitude, result orientation, collaboration, leadership, and customer market orientation are crucial for successful founding teams. (20:10-21:35)
  • Cooperation between established financial institutions and fintech startups is the key to competing with global platforms like those in the US and China. (28:09-29:34)
  • The future of financial services will be data-driven, but regulations are needed to ensure fair access to insurance products based on risk. (32:13-33:42)
  • Scaling in fintech requires strategic investors and cooperation with established players to leverage their brand and customer base. (39:05-40:16)
  • Reading fiction and engaging in cultural activities outside of the industry helps stay creative and open-minded. (42:19-43:02)
  • Advice to a 20-year-old: Start a career in a learning environment, gain experience, and then start your own business, focusing on something you are passionate about, excel in, and can make money from. (44:39)

Interesting Quotes:

To be successful:
Stick on the Result/Impact some one made not the hours they spend
Good entrepreneurs/teams need the willingness to win – fail fast (and stand fast up again)
Women and Business:
with women in the team, you have a higher level of empathy, respect and appreciation for every person of the team
To attract more women, install a women as a role model

women should take a challenge that seems a little bit to big. And by this they can make a career

five characteristics for successful entrepreneurs:
– entrepreneur attitude – have the courage to take decisions under are a limited amount of information.

– Result Orientation – get shit done

– Colaboration – Teamplayer (hire people which are better than you)

– Leadership- especially with 10+ people

– customer and market orientation

follow three principles to start your career:
A do something you can be really truly best in
B You’re passionate for. This would be
C you can make money with

Tipps for your Private Life:
Family is first be home at six – do work again after they sleep

Work a bit before you get children so you can afford help from a nanny and a cleaner

Your kids should become habitants of the world

Book Recommendations:

Purity – Jonathan Franzen
The Eighth Life – Nino Haratischwili
The Betrothed (Everymans Library) – Alessandro Manzoni