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#18 Why New Work is not really new but changes everything – Jörn Hendrik

Jörn Hendrik develops workshop concepts, designs interactions and enables groups to create the best results possible.  His passion for the realization of the workplace of the future lead to the founding of several projects like the career orientation initiative Superheldentraining.


Starting as a craftsman in the family business of his father, he quickly discovered his talent as a salesman. For more than a decade he proved his sales and leadership-skills in B2C and B2B sales-companies. But his vision to change business by making it a more transparent and people-centric world, finally led him to change tie and cubefarm with laptop and coworking-space.


Interesting Quotes:

New Work= Change of Work through digitalization

Robert Scoble – a company without a blog is like house without a window

Buzzword Hypes are just a way of explaining the change the digitalization

Helping people see the fun/good reason in the new change

Big cooperation:
Cravity Center Theory
[Tipp] Create an envioment to open up

Midsize Companys:
Combination of both Problems pf Big Companys and Startups
[Tipp] Connect online and offline funnel

Amazing on Speed (purpose)
Lack of structure and security
[Tipp] Do the sales direct in person
Sales Tipp 15 Words Sentence:

Timewise grap your chances when you see it

Keep up the good energy
Dont be concerned what other say

Let no excuses stop you from being your best self



Book Recommendations:

Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges – Otto Scharmer