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#36 Banking is lifestyle – Johann-David Starck & Sebastian Dimler

Johann-David Starck and Sebastian Dimler are part of an internal unit to accelerate the digital
transformation of Commerzbank AG. The team, consisting of creative and communicative characters, focuses on the people & cultural side of the transformation by developing new initiatives in the areas of digital culture, digital ecosystem, digital know-how and hence the overall agile approach within the Commerzbank AG.

The Team has a focus on the people side of digitization, accelerating our cultural transformation with developing new initiatives concentrating on the fields digital culture, digital Ecosystem and digital Know-how as well as the overall agile approach within the Commerzbank AG.


• Why banks are starting to focus on culture, not just numbers

• The challenges of innovating within a bank

• Creating change in a big organization

• Leveraging feedback: What kind of feedback do you need and what do you do with it?

• Making sure people understand the big WHY

• How do you change a person’s mindset?

• Using events to drive change

• The future of banking

Key Discussion Points:

[1:01] Starting with the culture in culture
[2:55] How do you even start changing the culture in an industry like the bank?
[6:55] How do you create change in a big organization with thousands of employees?
[14:08] Getting feedback and ideas from employees
[16:26] What else did you learn about change management from your experience so far?
[21:54] How do you know your change is working?
[25:46] Using events to create change
[30:16] How to drive innovation
[33:39] Where do you see the banking industry going in the next few years?
[40:42] How do you experiment for a constantly changing and unknown future?
[46:09] Books and resources you read to stay informed

Interesting Quotes:

“Everything starts with the culture.”

“…when you say ‘change management’ in the bank, the door slams…”

“Some banks, have not been customer-centric industries…since the last 150 years.”

“You have to tell the same story at least seven times until people understand.”

“Feedback is one of the strongest values in the Agile world.”

“The change process is ongoing.”

“When people see the necessity of change, then you are successful.”

“Change is never easy and we don’t want to say digitization is perfect.”

“You have to understand where the customer is going.”

“We have to offer customers solutions before he even asks it.”

“I would be happy in the future, if people came to the branch with a smile…”

“Banking will be a form of Lifestyle”

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