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#37 Transformation works from the future – Klara Sucher

Klara Sucher is Managing Director of the consultancy firm Unlearn ( She is passionate about understanding the inner dynamics of groups and systems and about shaping change in a way that allows for continuity.

In her consultancy-work, Klara helps to redesign organization who they are: by co-creating, consulting, and facilitating.
In the past Klara co-founded “Quinoa”, a high-school for disadvantaged youngsters in Berlin and worked in organizational development for start-ups and a political think tank for more than 5 years.


• Understanding the difference between change and transformation

• Drivers and targets of change in organizations

• Understanding the self-organization

• Why leadership and company ethics and values matters in change implementation

• Cultural differences between profit and non-profit companies and lessons

• Finding your values and purposes

• Improving the working of cross-functional teams

• Resources to help you develop new habits

• Advice to the 18 years old people

Key Discussion Points:

[1:21] What is the difference between change and transformation?

[3:16] The drivers or cause of change and transformation in individuals and companies.

[6:36] Defining the change/transformation process and defining the goals

[11:16] Importance of leadership and company ethics and values in change implementation

[20:50] Cultural differences between profit and non-profit companies and lessons they can learn from each other

[28:38] how can you find your values and purposes

[34:54] Ways that can help cross-functional teams to work better together

[40:28] strategies and approaches to creating new or changing your habits

[44:42] What would you tell yourself if you were 18 years?

Interesting Quotes:

“If I talk about change, it would be something more linear, more coming from the present state.”

“Many organizations these days want to change or transform depending on where they are right now.”

“What I see is that in profit-driven companies, more and more employees will look for the meaning in the work or companies.”

“It’s important to find the balance between what the individuals want and what’s good for the company.”

“For the value to really be strong and alive, I believe it needs to kind of look and feel different every day. It is not something static.”

“We can only have a proper conversation when I keep my perspective.”

Book Recommendations:

Das Denken zum Tanzen bringen: Philosophie des Wandels und der Bewegung(German only) – Rudolf zur Lippe
Atomic Habits: An Easy Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones – James Clear
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles – Steven Pressfield
His Dark Materials: Gift Edition including all three novels: Northern Light, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass: Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass – Philip Pullman